Client Testimonials

Clients are saying …

“Carol made such a huge difference in my Jack Russell Terrier.  Bella really took a liking to her and responded to her training methods fabulously. Our dog went from unruly, unwalkable, and wouldn’t listen or mind, to one of the sweetest, most disciplined dogs you could ever own!”  — Jenny Benkosky

“Buddy Lambert is 3 years old. When he was about a year, we enrolled in a group training class. After the 3rd session, we were asked to find alternative training. His hyper-active personality was disrupting the class and they felt that Buddy was not a candidate for their program. Buddy is a black lab and has enough energy to light Sacramento. No lie! Having a bad back, it was impossible for me to take him for a walk. It took 1 session with Carol to forever change Buddy’s behavior on a walk. I now take him nightly and it is pure pleasure. He sits at corners upon command and no longer pulls me. I also worked with Carol to rid Buddy of other very bad habits with separation anxiety being one of the worst. Carol is amazing and I am forever in her debt.” — Julie Lambert

“I trust Carol completely with my dogs. She understands dogs and is exceptionally reliable and caring. When I needed someone to look after my three for a couple of days, I turned to Carol. I knew she would be able to handle caring for my beautiful Molly who is old and terminally ill. Without Carol, I would not have been able to go.”  — Sharon Hauvarek

“Carol did a fantastic job of grooming my Australian Shepherd for the show ring. My Aussie wasn’t thrilled about the hair dryer and Carol handled her with loving care. While being confident and firm with the dogs, Carol is also gentle and takes into consideration each dogs’ idiosyncrasies.” — Janet Catalano

“I like Carol’s method of training; she demonstrates what I need to do with my dog and then makes sure I feel comfortable doing it myself. She bonded instantly with my dog and was breaking some of Penny’s bad habits after the first visit. Carol went beyond the obedience training; she offered suggestions on nutrition and grooming and I appreciate that extra touch.” — John Taylor


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